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Send your video to KFiNC &
receive a professional judges critique &
detailed corrections!
Professional Judge, Choreographer & Master Teacher, Kimberly Fitch, will 
critique your video and send detailed corrections within 48 hours!
Receive more feedback than ANY judges critique from competition AND details on HOW to fix your habits,
mistakes and improve on every aspect of your performance! 
ITS AS EASY AS 1...2...3
1) Add Insta Dance Doctor to your cart & check out
2) Send your video or link to your video to
3) Kimberly email you a detailed critique of your video in 48 Hours!
ONLY $60 for any solo, duet or trio!
Teachers may submit group dances

The Nation's Top Studios bring Kimberly Fitch into their studios each year to Dance Doctor their pieces before hitting the stage. Want to bring Kimberly into your studio for the full hands on experience? Email for a detailed quote and don't forget to visit for additional info.


Kimberly's hawk eye, attention to detail and ability to communicate in a fun, yet effective way so that EVERY dancer understands the correction makes this process enjoyable & successful EVERY time! 100% GUARENTEE! 





The Dance Doctor ™ and Insta Dance Doctor™ are trademarked property of KF Dance LLC . Any person who uses the mark in whole or part, sufficiently similar for commercial or non-commercial purposes, live events, internet or advertising without the permission of KF Dance LLC on goods or services is liable for trademark infringement. Liability for copyright or trademark infringement involves the potential for significant civil damages, including in particular cases, statutory damages, liability for up to three times actual damages, and attorneys fees. 



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